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Inspiration for the show

Australia has been founded on immigration, but how much do you know of the wave of post war migrants that shaped this country?

Simon Reich has a passion for migrants, as he is a child of a German immigrant that arrived in Australia post war. 

After the success of the award winning podcast "Up from the Rubble" Simon made about his father, he has been travelling the country interviewing people who passed through the Bonegilla Migrant Camp in Albury / Wodonga. Simon's skill as a composer, was used extensively in the audio documentary and now he wants to share the whole immersive experience with you as a live music, soundscape and multi video screen performance.

After the run of three test shows at the Melbourne Museum we are hoping to stage this event throughout regional Victoria.

A number of grants have been applied for, so if you wish to be informed of the outcome of these applications and where future shows will be staged, please use the contact button below to be put on the mailing list.

Hear migrants stories set to music, soundscapes and video.

Migrants formed the backbone of Australia after the Second World War.Their reasons for seeking out a new home included the pursuit of a safe country, far away from the violent war that raged across Europe in the 1940's. You'll cry, you'll laugh. You'll feel pain and joy. But most of all, you'll be inspired by the resilience and tenacity of the forefathers of our multicultural nation. The interviews will be emotively embellished by heartfelt music performed live.
inspired soundtrack

Heartfelt, emotional music

Simon composed and played piano on the "Up from the rubble" soundtrack. This is where the inspiration came from to accompany the Bonegilla migrant's stories.
gifted, professional musician

Live Piano & Violin Soundtrack

Simon Reich is the composer and pianist for this multi media show. 
Kirri Buchler, the talented violinist that will accompany Simon for smaller venues and a string quartet for larger venues.
a show not to be missed

Live Multi Media Experience

Hear the stories of post war migrants via video, archival footage, photo montages, soundscapes and live music via piano and violin.

Bonegilla Stories Podcast

Simon Reich created this six part podcast to let people know about the Bonegilla migrant centre's history through many interviews and archival audio. It was chosen by "Great Australian Pods" as one of the 100 Must Hear podcasts of 2022. 

Click the button below to listen to the amazing stories from post war migrants.

Bonegilla Stories Podcast

Media Interviews

Listen to creator Simon Reich discuss his passion for interviewing and creating artistic projects around post war migrants who arrived in Australia.
ABC 774 Melbourne Radio Interview

The Drive Show with Ali Moore featured an interview with Simon.


ABC Goulburn Murray Radio Interview

The Morning Show with Sandra Moon, interviewed Simon


Radio Interviews

Simon is constantly being asked to talk about  his interviews and creative use of these stories to combine the arts and history in a fascinating and entertaining mix.

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interviewee & audience


Find out what people are saying about preserving migrant stories and their own experiences of having a family member interviewed.

Ellie Duiker (Interviewee)

Letter from her son, John Duiker, after the interview and release of the film.

I am writing to express my experience of watching Simon Reich interview my mother regarding her memories of the migrant camp at Bonegilla in the 1950s. Initially it was quite a nerve-wracking experience for her. The whole process of recalling her past and the events that led to her family’s move from the Netherlands (which were fairly traumatic), and then the actual interview with cameras, lights and questions, could have been rather daunting for her. But through Simon’s compassionate, sensitive and relaxed approach , he was able to gently coax the information from my Mother and basically leave her in a ‘good place’ at the conclusion of the interview.

I believe this whole project to be an important one in documenting the experience of immigrants on their journey to Australia; particularly as it relates to the Bonegilla camp. It is important that this information is gathered now as many of the people that were at that camp are now elderly and the window for getting the info is closing.

Yours sincerely,

John Duiker

Paul Crowe (Interviewee)

Letter from his son, Peter Crowe, once the interview and film were released.

I was impressed by many things. He was actually on time which is always a good early indicator of a professional approach He was very organised. He had a lot of very high quality gear such as light boxes, microphone boom, an expensive microphone, video and digital camera and sound monitors.

He had a very gentle, supportive and sensitive approach towards interviewees in which he coached them to include each question in the response so that they and their story became the focus-not the interviewer,

He is very passionate about this project to pay homage to those thousands of of immigrants who had the courage to emigrate to Australia form war torn Europe and begin a new life for themselves and their children at Bonegilla as well as the many workers who ran the camp such as my father (school teacher), my mother (teacher as well) and my aunt (nurse for one year at the hospital)

Sadly. Many people who lived in Bonegilla have either passed away, are very unwell or have memory problems. So to capture the memories of those that can still share them is urgent before we lose the ability to capture the recollections of those who can still their story.

I urge you to please help support the funding this project.


Peter Crowe

Nancy Darmanin (Interviewee)

Message from Diane Marie, her daughter, when podcast was released.

Such an amazing world you have created. Just listening to your podcast now. Mum is so overwhelmed with what you are doing . She continues to say thank you.

Diane Marie

Photo Gallery

Previous Shows

Melbourne Museum

Live, emotive music soundtrack to the migrant interviews.

Previous Shows

Melbourne Museum

Over 600 people attended the three shows at the Melbourne Museum and were extremely appreciative of the spectacle they experienced.

Previous Shows

Melbourne Museum

The multi media event used two screens. One for the migrant interviews and one for their photos and archival videos.

Previous Shows

Melbourne Museum

Simon Reich attributes his own migrant heritage to the emotional weight of the show. He has a real heart for migrants and their origin stories.


Ellie Duiker

Ellie tells of her hardships in the Netherlands after World War 2 and her families eventual immigration to Australia.


Irmgard Rettberg

Irmgard may be in her 90's, but she is still full of life! Hear her survival stories from the war in Germany and finding peace in Australia.


Manfred Reich

Berlin was the epicentre at the end of World War 2. Manfred was right there in the thick of it and shares his anecdotes from that time and his quest for something new in his life.


Father Karmel Borg

Father Karm will warm your heart with his reflective stories of the life of a Maltese immigrant trying to navigate Australia post World War 2.